Testata Territoria House


Territoria House has developed specific expertise in the following four segments:

- Competitiveness of territorial and local systems
Longstanding studies on the relation between centers and peripheries, also within federal national states, show that tangible and intangible infrastructure of local systems play a crucial role for development, ranging from institutions to culture to education to ground, air and digital connections to high-value networks and to markets.

- Sport as a vehicle for social change
A dedicated independent institute IIISSS www.iiisss.it has been established to develop the international Forum and Program SPORT4IMPACT www.sport4impact.net with the aim of utilizing sport as a strategic lever for the social, cultural and economic development of territories and local communities.

- Territorial Marketing
A dedicated program has been designed to promote the unique features of each place and territory: Genius Gloci www.geniusgloci.it
A strategic partnership for italy has been established with two top-quality media initiatives:
Piaceri della Vita: www.piaceridellavita.it
Itinerari dei Sapori: www.itinerarideisapori.it

- Integrity as a key leverage for development
Recent studies are exploring more and more the crucial role of the Rule of Law and of integrity and social ethics as intangible cultural and behavioral component for durable and equitable development.
A dedicated independent institute NoCrime www.nocrime.center has been established to develop studies, design intervention programs, deliver high-specialized training.

Other segments are currently being devloped.
Among them, two specific areas are particularly advanced:
- Water and Sustainability, related to UN SDGs 6 and 14:
https://sdgs.un.org/goals/goal6 - https://sdgs.un.org/goals/goal14
- Impact Investing and SMEs Entrepreneurship for Latin America, the Balcans, Africa.
A first stage of an international Commerce Chamber has been established in Africa:

Territoria House operates by implementing:
- Research and studies
- Design of social programs
- Impact investing
- PPPs advisory
- support to international activities