Testata Territoria House


Territoria House is a no-profit research center.
On one side it acts as think tank by promoting theoretical elaboration, on the other side it cooperates with public and private actors in order to design and implement policies for the development of local communities and territories, at both national and international level by paying a specific attention to the interactions between the global and local dimensions.

Its mission is to promote the role of social sciences in both enhancing awareness and policy making around the key role of local territories, communities and networks for development/growth along cultural, economic, social and environmental terms within equitable and fair coexistence ensuring durable peace.

Key levers and tools are research-based policies and public-private approaches (by a systemic tailored and innovative use of PPP Private Public Partnership methodologies).

Territoria House operates in strict synergy with the independent research system and with the university international network along a specific attention attributed to the so-called Third Mission, i.e. the application of knowledge into social impacts. The ultimate scope is to support the wealth and well-being of each individual and of communities as a whole.